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08/24/13 at 22:35Han Jun Hao slightly uncomfortable said, Ting Feng Ge the news, though, is a clean slate, I do not understand what it meant?

Lan Ling smiled, In what? Brought me see.

The word comes after that note reflected a look, suddenly thrust up, silver Yayi Yao, Jun Hao looked cold, Tan Tai Ling has been seeking a violent death at the Da Sheng, Tan Tai Ling also seek accident, (...) , I won Your aging mother Tiaohulishan, we have to immediately go back to single-Dan.

Suddenly remembered something, right Stuart Yucheng said, Do not misbehave, and you hear me? And right Huangfu Jin said, Brother Huangfu trouble under the care of Yucheng, if he dare nonsense, you can first beat him a Dayton, Although he is the emperor, he was your Young it.

Jin Huangfu light laugh, (...) , I can beat him.

A tugging Stuart Yuchengs robes, (...) , if he dares not fight back, you tell me.

Stuart Yucheng very helpless, but the laugh is very sweet road, Give me leave face it. Stolen an incense at her lips, Do not forget our agreement, or Ill run their own single-Dan to find you.

Ling Lan when he jokes, such as to appease kitten in general, touched his head and said, good, Stop it, Im gone.

May in the near future, but for Lan Ling ignored his words of regret, also paid no small price.

Road over two horse speeding, two white clothes flying, and cross under Baiju totally the same color.

Jun Hao feel cold silence, Jun, how do you? Was not yet what happened?

Han Jun Hao as suddenly woke up like, ah Nothing? Mother, she will just upset at what is it?

Look at him dodge, Ling Lan know lying, Jun, something I have to tell you, and so seek spiritual talk about it through this crisis, and now the most urgent is to stop your aging mother conspiracy. TANTAI search spirit is dead, should seek spiritual TANTAI again happen, the only way to inherit a large system, and on the left that was sent with the spirit of the frontier TANTAI Zhao. for he laughs, (...) , You want to gamble of his aging mother.

A mention of his mother, Jun Hao cold look and slightly uneasy, My mother she was in the end what to do?

Lan Ling hint of sneer off his lips, If I guess right, shes the same with my intentions are that one would like to know the secrets of the palace Dan nation.

The secret of the palace? Cold shock Tao Jun Hao, Are you for so many years as a single Dan has done, is that you want to explore the secrets of the palace?

Lan Ling did not deny that, (...) , Yes, for this secret, Ive POW for three years.

That in the end what is the secret? Makes you so persistent? Cold Jun Hao asked not understand.

In fact, what it is, I do not know, but very important to me.

Han Jun Hao thought a moment later, I do not know what single Dundee palace secret, (...) , but I know when my mother, (...) , but also to a large Sheng dynasty ancestral explore the secret, (...) , just married my father.

Lan Ling is very surprised, What? Dasheng there?

Ah, even the levy States had, every country honors, but in the end what is not known, and only heir people know what is.