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08/19/13 at 10:31Good start spring crop rice production into an important period of field management
Chongren County in Jiangxi Province, this year's rice machine insertion area of ​​10 acres or more, rice farm consolidated operating level to reach 70.2%, there are two villages machine insertion rate even as high as 95%. Datong village rice big Chunmei Shen said, "Now the village is relatively young labor shortages, improve the http://www.nikeairmax90billig.com/ level of Rice Transplanting is everyone most looking forward to this year, I used the Transplanting technique is simple and practical." Just a few years ago, the local Transplanting Technology has been vigorously promoted, but breeding is difficult to open, but off. In order to break this bottleneck, the county agricultural organizations, experts for the machine plug seedlings, use and drain plug transplanter and other technical research, to take focus seedlings, seedlings of silt soil sieve changed seedlings, using rice Zhuangyangji shorten the seedling period improve the quality of seedlings to solve the machine inserted the biggest obstacle. Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural condition scheduling, this year's rice production in southern China a good start, now has completed the planting, growing generally good. Hunan rice Seeding Rate 80%, three percentage points higher than the previous year, the seedlings robust handsome no worms. Jiangxi rice I. Miller II ratio reached 90%. Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei and other places are better seedling quality. National rice acreage is expected to reach 8761 million mu more than last year more than 110 million mu. Ministry of Agriculture experts said, mainly due to two major rice growing a good factor. Favorable weather conditions during the seedling, seedling robust, adequate http://www.chaussuresnikeairmax.fr/ number of seedlings. Meanwhile, rice seedling technology promotion focus significantly accelerated. National centralized seedling area of ​​2037 acres, 955 acres more than last year. Among them, Hunan, 850 acres, 350 acres of increase; Jiangxi 520 million mu, increasing 305 million mu. Currently, the South entered the peak season rice planting. Jiangsu province in rice, as of May 23, the province's 135 million mu of rice seedlings have completed the program 4%, up almost 2 percentage points. Early sowing of rice seedling age has reached two leaves a heart, seedlings are growing generally good. It is learned that Jiangsu Province government has arranged 120 million yuan to promote rice concentrate seedlings, promote Transplanting, improve rice production http://www.cheapcalvinkleinus.com/ technology level, and strive to focus on this year, the province's rice seedling ratio up to 35% more than last year increased by 5 percentage points. Spring autumn crop conditions related to production. Currently, the spring crop field management has entered an important period. Currently, maize sowing has been basically completed, the focus of the four northeastern provinces have been sowing and transplanting of rice field management to transfer. For rare spring floods, rural northeastern cities and counties to carry out package, including the village, including households guidance services to help farmers solve the difficulties of spring. Pay close attention to create high-yielding around, created to promote the entire establishment, the first demonstration of the implementation of disaster prevention and mitigation technologies for increased productivity. "This year the cold spring floods, planting time is short, I specifically bought the 126-day growing season early maize varieties." Changchun City, Jilin Province, home town of Shao Lan Ka Tak Choi clump of large grain deliberately bought a new farm equipment to speed up the planting progress. Northeast China's corn is the main producing area, yield, respectively, accounting for 37% and 42%. National Corn industry technology system chief scientist told reporters Zhang Shihuang, 2007 and 2010 Northeast has suffered more winter rain and snow, generally delayed sowing time, but did not cut the fall harvest. He said, "This year, we encourage farmers to use high-yielding dwarf close planting early maturing varieties resistant to the current timely sowing of maize has been achieved." "Sown in the high yield of upland paddy field Unplugged June seeding," said Heilongjiang Xingnong Wei, deputy inspector Lishi Run Heilongjiang invested 1.26 billion yuan, organizational machinery waterlogging bulk moisture, give full play to 133,000 units and 586,000 units preparation machines each planter class action, to grab fast kind of broadcast, the province at the highest acreage over 1300 acres. "Northeast China under moisture and farming, developing partitioning guide the implementation of programs, in accordance with the first hillock, after the ground, and then depressions order, reasonable arrangements for local broadcast operations." Ministry of Agriculture farming Secretary Ye Zhen Qin said that overall, despite this year's Northeast other places to start sowing date postponed, but to speed up planting progress throughout, sowing concentrated basically in most areas of crop sowing, especially in the Northeast region of corn planted in suitable sowing essential for the annual grain harvest to win the initiative. It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture experts during spring formulated and issued the six sub-crop sowing technical guidance, has sent 10 working groups and technical guidance of the Steering Group, in-depth work on spring production line supervision and technical guidance. Organizations around the cadres and technicians, extended stay package films, villages and peasant households to guide farmers due to moisture because of the time due to the implementation of sowing technology. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural http://www.nikeairmaxreduziert.de/ condition scheduling, as of May 20, the country has 11.07 million mu of spring crops, 82.5% completed the program. According to the Central Meteorological Station forecast in late May Northeast near normal or high temperatures, rainfall was near normal, below normal rainfall in north-central, is conducive to the growth of spring sowing and crop emergence. Ye Zhen Qin said, should be placed around the spring off the work, to speed up planting progress, especially in the Northeast at all levels of the agricultural sector to seize the fine weather, rice transplanting accelerate progress to ensure rice seedlings do not plug in June. Ye Zhen Qin also stressed that all localities should strengthen the spring crop field management, with emphasis on seedling fertilizer management and pest prevention and control, and promote normal crop growth and development. Reporter Qiao Jinliang